Born into an Italian family, Adrian Capra has always had a taste for espresso. In 1999, with his wife Gabrielle by his side, Adrian started Art of Espresso – a mobile coffee cart business. Together the two travelled along the East Coast, attending high profile events while representing a major international coffee brand.

A couple of years later, Adrian and Gabrielle flew to Italy to undertake barista training; an experience that changed their lives forever. On return, they decided to recreate their Italian adventure by roasting their own coffee, and offering barista training which was in short supply at the time.

Since then, Art of Espresso has expanded to include an espresso bar, located in the couple’s home town of Young. Adrian says they’re proud of their philanthropic approach to sourcing coffee beans, dealing directly with farmers and families overseas for their supply.

With a love for music, the espresso bar has also become a hot spot in Young. It attracts visitors from across the Canberra region to see live bands perform and enjoy the bar’s food, wine and culture.

Adrian says that having Canberra on their doorstep adds value, and businesses in Young offer value to Canberra locals who travel there for new experiences. He believes that Young gives his family the best of both worlds: a close-knit community, with easy access to the big cities.

“I get to enjoy the pleasure of everything that’s available in the cities, and I get to come home as well. I’ve also got really good people around me. A front man is nothing without a good rhythm section. And I’ve got the best.”

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