Bum Nuts Australia is a free range egg farm located in Gunning, in the Southern Tablelands. The farm is purely organic, with the chickens able to roam open pastures and enjoy freedom from hormones and chemicals.

Founder Theresa Robinson and her family moved to Gunning from Canberra in 2011. They originally had Merino stock on the farm, before introducing cattle and chickens 18 months later. Although they started with just 50, Bum Nuts is now home to around 12,000 chickens.

Theresa says that the business grew almost entirely by word of mouth, from a few contacts in the hospitality region in Canberra. Bum Nuts now supplies all of its eggs into Canberra, and frequently works with other farmers in the region to take on large contracts and meet the demand for authentic pastured eggs.

It was the lifestyle and location of Gunning that attracted Theresa and her family to move to the area. She says that its proximity to Canberra, Yass and Goulburn allows them to enjoy the benefits of each region, while being able to live and raise their children on a farm with plenty of open space.

Bum Nuts Australia employs five shearers from the local area, and other casual staff throughout the year. Theresa says the Gunning community is very tight knit, with everyone working together to lend a helping hand. “The community has accepted us with open arms, and the lifestyle here is more than we could have asked for.”

For more information, visit Bum Nuts Australia. You can learn more about living and working in Upper Lachlan at www.upperlachlan.nsw.gov.au and visiting the region at www.visitupperlachlan.com.au.

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