A love for the outdoors and a desire to create an enjoyable, high quality range of craft beers was the driving force behind the inception of Capital Brewing Co.

The company began in April 2016, with the founders testing and perfecting recipes in Sydney and building distribution while the brewery was being set up in Canberra. It officially opened in mid-2017, and offers weekly tours and an onsite bar, complemented by a Brodburger caravan serving burgers and hotdogs.

Laurence Kain, Capital’s co-founder, says that people love visiting the brewery and drinking the beer in the same room that they make it. They’ve also had strong success with their Red IPA and Coast Ale varieties, which are sold right across the country. From a team of mates, Capital Brewing Co. now has 17 full time staff and over 20 casual staff, and production demands are increasing every month.

“The Canberra region is really important to us as a market because it’s our local support base, and it’s our backyard,” says Laurence. He says that they’re hoping to attract more people to explore the Canberra region by promoting it with their signature brand.

As distribution strengthens across the eastern seaboard, Capital Brewing Co. is focussed on expanding their national footprint and growing their export market. Laurence says the addition of international flights to Canberra airport has made a massive improvement to logistics in the Canberra region, and is excellent for export businesses.

For more information, visit Capital Brewing Co. You can learn more about living and working in Canberra at www.canberra.com.au and visiting the region at www.visitcanberra.com.au.

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