I believe the Canberra region is ideally situated geographically and given its proximity to the ever expanding metropolitan areas of Sydney and Canberra and the very popular Southern Highlands, all serviced by an ever improving transport system. Within the boundaries of the Canberra region and just beyond exists some of the most diverse and productive parts of Australia extending from Coastal regions in the east through to expansive prime agricultural lands to the west encompassing many and varied forms of agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture, horticulture.

The region has a wonderful rich history of agriculture supporting its rural communities and additional industries such as manufacturing, retail and wholesale industries.  The landscape itself is one of the most beautiful in Australia affording seasonal variations seen nowhere else.  Our ancestors first settled here in the mid 1800’s and my family has been back in the region for 45 years, and have fully immersed ourselves in the region.

The proximity to services is supported by the transport system connecting the population with the many and varied services in the region, including services to support new business and investment, supporting families and communities.

I am a biodynamic farmer, operating my family property ‘Hanaminno’ in Boorowa, primarily breeding Shorthorn cattle, and I also am involved in a number of community and business advisory boards, as well as continually pursuing other business interests, governance and philanthropy. We facilitate the education of other farmers through hosting Biodynamic and sustainable farming training courses. We farm holistically and use generative grazing practises to improve the function of the landscape and environment.

Apart from this region always being considered ‘home’, It’s important to me from a business sense, given its proximity to customers, with a complex and growing network, together with a strong sense of community, embracing new opportunities and new businesses, and always welcoming new members of the community. I am primarily a biodynamic farmer and grazier, plus keen environmentalist, long-time supporter of community groups with broad experience in many industries, as both business owner, investor and advisor.

My role as the current Landcare Australia Sustainable Farmer Ambassador is one close to my heart and values.  I have also recently been nominated in The Weekly Times Coles Farmer of the Year competition and have been recognised within natural resource management and farming awards, including the Lachlan Regional Conservation Farmer of the Year and National Carbon Cocky Award Winner for Outstanding Leadership.

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