Founded in Canberra in 2011, Cogito Group is an ICT security company specialising in authentication, identity and access management, and data protection and encryption services.

Managing Director, Richard Brown, says Cogito was born out of necessity to fill a gap in the cyber security market, and a desire to offer a better level of service. The company now has offices in Brisbane and New Zealand, and recently moved their Canberra headquarters to a larger office in Barton.

Of living and working in Canberra, Richard says that it’s a great place to be based, and perfect for families. “We think it’s been fantastic to set up shop in Canberra, and in Barton in particular. Barton has really come alive in the last couple of years.” He says the move has given the team an extra boost, with additional office space and easy access to local facilities.

Richard says that both the local and federal government have been fantastic supporters of Cogito. And the addition of overseas flights from Canberra airport has been ideal, with travel directly to Wellington now possible, and a greater range of overseas flights on the horizon.

For those looking to start or run a business in the Canberra region, Richard recommends making contact with the local government. “They are quite progressive and will give you a lot of assistance about how to set up. It’s really quite a supportive environment here in Canberra.”

For more information, visit Cogito Group. You can learn more about living and working in Canberra at and visiting the region at


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