A partnership with nature to produce a top dropFresh from their time in the spotlight in episode one of season four of River Cottage Australia, a one of a kind Bega Valley winery is preparing to step into a future that is rich in the values of its past.Rescue helicopter pilot Euan McKenzie and retired soldier Carlin Stanford put their first vines in the ground at Verona, near Bega in 2009.

Armed with a degree in Oenology and Viticulture from Margaret River, Euan and Carlin’s dream for Together Wines has been ‘growing’ well.Their old dairy property has produced food for the region for around 100 years, and is now being converted to serve a new future.

A new straw bale building is three quarters finished, spurred along by a crowd funding campaign. The space will be used to mature and bottle their range of local wines, with the long term goal of selling them to egger locals and tourists.The twist with Together Wines is that the vines ride the rollercoaster of seasonal weather, none of these prized vines have never been irrigated.

Euan and Carlin are working with nature to produce Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rose that demonstrate their time and place. Traditional wine making techniques with low intervention as well as organic and biodynamic viticulture adds further depth.Vines were first planted into deep wide holes (2475 holes in total 400mm wide, 800mm deep) that were backfilled with decomposed green manure, sending the roots deep into the famous soils of the Bega Valley.

A technique not generally used in commercial vineyards, but something Euan and Carlin thought essential in their sustainable dream.

Grasses and herbs around the base of the vines are used to regulate water uptake, as well as provide minerals, mulch and habitat.

The end result is a wine that reflects each unique season.

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