After travelling the Canberra region looking for the perfect land, climate and community to call home, Euan McKenzie and Carlin Stanford eventually settled on Verona in the Bega Valley.

Euan had previously studied Viticulture and Wine Science at Curtin University and winemaking at Margaret River, and the couple had dreamed of one day planting their own vineyard and making their own wine. Dedicated to making that dream a reality, they planted the vines a year after moving to their new 26 acre property.

Euan and Carlin have since established Together Wines, representing their desire to be together and work together as a family. The business produces a range of quality wines derived from grapes that are grown, hand-picked and produced on the farm.

Together Wines grapes are organically grown, because Euan says they wanted a bio-dynamic agricultural method to ensure a clean environment and farm for their children. “We had to work out how to produce a superb quality wine here,” says Carlin. “We couldn’t just copy our neighbours. And we understand that the Canberra market is really receptive to people doing different things – and that’s certainly what we feel we’re doing here.”

Carlin finds the Bega community very embracing, and says they’ve established a great network of friends in the area. They also love being involved in the local sports teams and weekend beach patrols. “It’s an amazing place to be!” she says.

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