After Sophie Ashton left her job as an investment banker in Sydney, she decided to move to Goulburn to work with her father who had lived in the region for 40 years and wanted to develop his block of land. Together they identified a need for improved local medical services, and established Goulburn Health Hub.

Goulburn Health Hub now comprises a GP practice, specialist centre with over 20 specialist services, allied health facility with a hydrotherapy pool and rehabilitation gym, and a range of allied health specialists, including a speech pathologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist and exercise physiologist. The Hub also has a pharmacy, pathology and onsite café.

Sophie says their intention was to build something that would benefit the local community, and prevent people from needing to leave Goulburn for specialist medical care. Coming from Sydney, she was surprised to find so many people happy to help with the business and how quickly word spread. The Hub has also attracted a range of specialists who travel from Sydney, Canberra and Bowral to see patients. “It’s been easier to attract good specialists to Goulburn compared to if we were setting something up in Sydney. Location wise, it’s been perfect for us.”

All employees of the Hub come from the local region, and a number of allied health professionals have moved from Sydney, Canberra and as far afield as Canada to work there.

Sophie, who has recently started a family, says she’s very happy with her move to Goulburn. “It’s a really easy place to bring up a family. I’m very happy, and it’s a very warm community.”

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