Light to Light Camps is the brainchild of Jenny and Arthur Robb. The couple, who also run kayak tours on their property south of Eden in the Bega Valley, wanted to make the multi-day hike through Ben Boyd National Park more accessible and enjoyable for visitors to the region.

Offering a range of tour options, Light to Light Camps allows hikers to travel with a light day pack, before arriving at a luxury camp complete with hot showers, comfortable beds, ensuite tents and cooked meals.

Jenny and Arthur are long time locals of the area and love being close to nature. They brought up their children on the Sapphire Coast – teaching them how to fish, and instilling a love for the bush and the natural environment. Jenny says they’re blessed to live in the area, with its great climate and unlimited access to nature, wilderness and wildlife. “I don’t think you could get a better place in Australia to live to be honest!”

Graeme says that Light to Light Camps has received a lot of support from the local community, including Canberra. They recently hosted a number of groups from Canberra, who “thoroughly enjoyed the walk and thought it was spectacular.”

For anyone wanting to move to the area, Jenny and Arthur believe that getting to know the locals and gaining local knowledge is the best way to start. “Take a gradual easy pace about it. Get to know the locals, and then when you get to know them, join in and start doing your thing. Don’t rush it.”

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