Judith and Michael Basile own and operate Crystal Brook Gardens and Lavender Farm at Laggan. Judith has recently retired from full time teaching and now spends her time in the garden and yes…she does everything with help from her husband on the weekend. She is a passionate cook and gardener. No project is too large or too daunting.

Michael is a Registered Land & Engineering Surveyor with a passion for Japanese horticulture including bonsai and shaped trees. He distills much of the farm’s lavender in a still he built himself and regularly gives distillation demonstrations.

Judith and Michael have travelled throughout Asia and France to develop their expertise in Japanese horticulture, lavender cultivation and perfumery.

The property was purchased in 1997 to grow established, styled trees for oriental gardens. Judith says “When this was completed we sought another “reason” to be here. With only 18 trees on the property, and both working full time in Sydney, our weekends were filled by planting more (and more) trees and getting rid of the thistles”.

With Judith in the travel industry, a trip to France enabled them to see the lavender industry at first hand and with some good advice from friends, lavender became the next venture…then “adventure” set in!

The display gardens and function centre became a reality. Judith’s plans are free and easy, and there is always some new ideas. Michael spends his time fixing what she has broken or finding something new where there was nothing. Her answer to his befuddled inquiry? – “I told you about that, it was always going to be there”.

Crystal Brook Gardens and Lavender Farm located at 257 yrl Tyrl Rd, Laggan, and is open to explore through the seasons.

Contact 02 4843 3333 or go to www.lavenderatlaggan.com.au for more details.

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