Kate & Chris Hinton were looking for a country investment, not too far away from both Canberra and Sydney with rich soil for gardening. “When we drove out to Crookwell through the beautiful countryside, we were full of hope that we were heading in the right direction. “ Their hopes were confirmed when they purchased Ravenscroft on Carrington Street.

The Ravenscroft homestead has existed for 176 years and the blacksmith’s hut even longer. Part of this property was the Santa’s Hideaway Christmas Shop which Chris and Kate ran enthusiastically for a further 18 months. The 3 acre property has been a work in progress including the transformation of not only the vast garden area but also both cottage and homestead into a successful B & B accommodation business.

“Kate is from a hospitality background and has a natural ability to make people feel welcome”, says Chris. “We wanted to be able to contribute to the community by offering visitors a memorable experience of their stay in Crookwell. Being part of a smaller community as opposed to a larger city has many benefits. It creates a more fulfilled and sustainable existence, and a sense of belonging.”

Chris and Kate are committee members of the successful Crookwell Garden Festival and Chris has been involved with Crookwell Arts & Dramatic Society as well as the Christmas in the Park committee. They believe you give where you live, and so appreciate the friendship, fun and challenge of living and working in a rural community.

Ravenscroft is located at 16 Carrington St, Crookwell, NSW 2583 or contact 04 3844 7333.

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