Having grown up in Boorowa after his parents moved there from Sydney, Sam Burton Taylor never lost his love of the country. He lived in Sydney himself for a number of years, before deciding to move back to town with his wife and buy a farm in 2010.

Knowing that they wanted to start a business that would add value to their land, Sam bought a butcher shop in Boorowa and started an apprenticeship as a butcher. This was his first step into the meat business, which has grown to become KC Natural – a leading supplier of hormone-free beef and lamb. Sam is also the principal of Kenny’s Creek Angus (founded by his father), which breeds and sells high quality Angus cattle across the state.

Over the past few years, KC Natural has made its mark internationally, sending regular quantities of meat to the Middle East and China. Sam says that improved local processing facilities, and the addition of international flights to Canberra airport, has provided better access to international markets. He also says he was surprised to discover how well-connected Boorowa is to main cities. “We’ll have lambs leave here on a Thursday morning…and they’ll arrive in the Middle East on a Saturday evening!”

As a second generation resident of Boorowa, Sam says that he feels privileged to be part of the local community. And for his wife and young twins, their home has become a very special place where they enjoy the open space, animals, and vegie gardens the farm provides. “It’s a good way to bring the kids up,” he says.

For more information, visit Kenny’s Creek. You can learn more about living and working in Hilltops at www.hilltops.nsw.gov.au and visiting the region at www.visithilltopsregion.com.au.

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