Lindner Socks is a fourth-generation family business, dating back to 1921 East Germany. In 1987, Wilfred Lindner (grandson of founder, Max Lindner) decided to move his family from Germany to Goulburn. Sourcing wool from local Merino sheep farmers and using the same traditional knitting machines and hand-finishing techniques, Lindner quickly developed a local reputation for producing long-lasting, incredibly warm socks.

In 1997, the Lindner family moved to Crookwell in the Upper Lachlan region, where Wildred’s son, Andrew Lindner, now manages the business from their shopfront and factory on the town’s main street. Andrew says the local council and community are highly supportive, and the socks are very popular during the cold Crookwell winters. The shop enjoys a diverse customer base, including locals, travellers on their way to the bush or coast, and tourists who visit Crookwell to relax and wind down.

Lindner Socks still sources its Merino wool from farmers in the region, and now sells its products online too. Andrew notes that you have to be a little more flexible with postage and communications in a small country town, but believes the networks and relationships they’ve established are invaluable.

Andrew says that Crookwell’s location means they can travel easily to Canberra, the South Coast or Sydney, while still enjoying nature and raising their family in the country. “The outdoors, the wide open spaces, the bonfire in the winter; it is something quite unique and different. There are a lot of people that come out here to just let their hair down, and go ‘Wow, this is amazing!’”.

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