The Shaw family’s wine journey began in the 1990’s. At the time Graeme ran a very successful commercial construction company in Canberra and was proud to be asked to build the Kamberra Winery for BRL Hardy.

Graeme learned a lot about practical winemaking as part of that process and built a relationship with Hardy’s which led to Shaw’s being contracted to grow 32 hectares of grapes for Hardy’s, during what was a very exciting growth phase for the wine industry. Luckily ‘Olleyville’, a historic 600 acre fine wool grazing property first settled in the mid 1800’s, which at the time was newly purchased by Graeme’s family, was great for grape growing.

Graeme studied winemaking during the first 6 years of grape growing which set the family up to take complete control of the business when Hardy’s suddenly withdrew from the Canberra Region.

 Like all family wine businesses, it’s a team effort and each family member having a number of roles. Headed by Graeme Shaw who oversees the winemaking and operations, wife Ann ensures the grounds are well manicured and provides valuable cellar door support, their son Michael is the Viticulturist, their daughter Tanya is the Marketing & Cellar Door Manager and their son-in-law Michael is the Operations Manager.

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