When Rob and I moved to our farm between Yass and Canberra, I felt that life would be easier if I worked from home. Building on the assets we had and the love of good food and sharing it with family and friends, we decided to open a smokehouse. Whilst the children played on the lawn, I built a business. And so Poachers Pantry was born.

We started by smoking a range of chicken, lamb and duck and extended the range over time. Planting the vineyard brought on the wine and the temptation to draw it all together in a restaurant, cellar door and farm shop was just too much.

So twenty five years on and the grandchildren are playing on the lawn, and we are all working on the business, from the vineyard to the wine, from the smoked meats to the restaurant, weddings to events. Diversity has created so much opportunity.

All this has been made possible by our proximity to Canberra and its cosmopolitan population of more than 350,000 people. People that have become loyal customers and ambassadors for our business, people that work for us and advise us.

It is a simply beautiful region to live in, I love the seasons and would be lost without them. The vines love the climate too and produce such wonderful soft, complex and balanced flavours. What better place could there be to invest both your life and capital?

The Poachers Pantry is located at 431 Nanima Road, Murrumbatemen, NSW 2582 or contact 02 6230 4857.

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